Nobody produces something like this without a lot of inspiration and guidance from those who have already done this before. Here, I try to give credit where it is due, and slowly begin to document how I made everything, for those who eventually want to do what I did.

This website is written in R Markdown, built with Hugo, pushed to Github, and hosted by Netlify.

The theme is based on Academia-hugo, which I modified.

The inspiration for making individual course websites, along with the basic structure, comes from the incomparable Andrew Heiss. See his website for examples, as well as a number of helpful tutorials. Sadly, I had to figure out how these websites work on my own, and attempted to document my process in the README of this repository for those interested. One day I may make a guide.

The course hex sticker I made via hexSticker, and keep all of my course hex stickers in this repository.